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At Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we offer highly individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs created to help you heal and reach your goals. With our expertly trained Physical Therapists and private physical therapy sessions, we are fully prepared to get you better.

Our office offers a full range of physical therapy services with techniques to treat orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, work-related accidents and many other conditions. Your treatment plan will consist of customized exercises and manual therapies based on a thorough initial consultation.

We offer physical therapy in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For appointments please call us at 347-560-6920.

Top NYC Physical Therapists offering:

  • Patient education to help you learn how to promote healing on your own and prevent re-injury

  • Multiple modalities including electrical stimulation, mechanical compression, heat therapy, cryotherapy and ultrasound

  • Hands on manual therapy techniques

  • Individualized exercises for strengthening, stretch and balance

  • Post-surgical, Sports injury and Repetitive strain injury

Manual therapy techniques performed at Sarrica PT:


Consists of the gentle hands on skin application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions. Over an extended period lasting 5 minutes or greater, this will allow the fascial tissue to elongate leading to increased range of motion (more movement), better fluid transportation throughout the body (less inflammation), less pain and restoration of function.

Joint Mobilization

A passive movement of a joint by a health care professional to restore and/or relieve pain. Movements are graded on a scale of I-IV with grades I-II focusing on pain reduction and grades III-IV focusing on restoring joint motion.

Active soft tissue release

A hands-on soft tissue technique which focuses on relieving tissue tension via the removal of adhesions as a result of muscle overuse. This technique consists of a pin and stretch by the medical provider with an active participation by the individual being treated. This is repeated from muscle origin to insertion longitudinally until an increase in range of motion is witnessed.

Joint Manipulation

When applied to a joint extremity (wrist/knee) or spinal joint it is a high velocity low amplitude manual thrust technique that is beyond the patient’s voluntary control.  The purpose of the manipulation is to increase range of motion immediately, decrease pain, and reduce acute muscle spasm.

Movement with Mobilization

A manual approach to improving joint movement restrictions, reducing pain with movement and restoring function. The health care provider uses a specially designed belt to provide a directed force to the joint in question while the patient is instructed to move the joint through the full range of motion.

Cross Friction Scar Mobilization

A manual technique directed at remodeling scar tissue following surgery, trauma, or injury. The intent is to return to soft tissue to a more normal state (elastic and pliable) to improve mobility and function. Direct hands-to-skin or an instrument to skin may be used at varying intensities and durations to break down the tissue.


“It’s difficult to find a physical therapy place that is able to really focus on the patient secondary to the facility having to see a few patients in the hour. At Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness it’s different. The physical therapy itself met all of my expectations. I recommend this place for it’s hard work and dedication towards making people in the community feel better, one patient at a time.”

- Catherine L. from Google Reviews



Physical Therapy is an effective, non-invasive form of rehabilitation. Our highly trained physical therapist will work with you to help:

  • heal injury

  • decrease inflammation

  • decrease pain

  • improve mobility

  • avoid surgical intervention

  • avoid prescription medication

  • improve performance


  • Back pain (sciatica, herniated discs, muscle strains, back injury, arthritis and more back pain conditions)

  • Neck pain (whiplash, degenerative disc disease, neck injury, cervical spinal stenosis)

  • Shoulder pain (rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries)

  • Knee pain (torn meniscus, meniscus injury, ligament injury, runner’s knee, bursitis and more knee pain conditions)

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