Post Marathon Recovery Hacks

Post Marathon Recovery Hacks

With the iconic Brooklyn Half Marathon just a day away, it’s the perfect time to discuss the best post-race recovery hacks for all you avid runners and marathoners. Running a marathon is no joke, and if you are planning on participating, you’ve likely been preparing for the big day. But have you thought about your post marathon recovery treatment yet?

Fear not, we’ve done it for you! With the guidance of our Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, Dr. Marcello Sarrica, we’ve put together the most crucial post-race recovery treatments for you!

  1. Sports Massage: A post-race recovery massage will help loosen up your tense, aching muscles. Be cautious of what type of massage you get to avoid damaging the muscles more.

  2. Eat Carbs & Protein: Load up on carbs and proteins to help repair muscle damage and boost your immune system to recover faster.

  3. Active Myofascial Release: The active release technique for runners helps relieve deep muscle tension and prevent the build up of scar tissue from forming.

  4. Sit back & soak: Don’t underestimate the power of a bath. Soak your aching body in epsom salts for relief.

  5. Acupuncture: Post-race acupuncture can help not only relieve injury, but prevent injuries and reduce muscle spasms.

  6. Stretching: Stretching is a must, before, during and after a race to get the blood flowing where it needs to and avoid injury.

  7. Cupping: Cupping with active mobility alleviates soreness and increases mobility. It also helps the body recover faster.

  8. Compression boots: Normatec compression boots are one of the best treatments for runners to reduce pain and decrease inflammation, cutting recovery time in half!

  9. Manual Therapy: One of the most important tricks to race recovery is manual therapy. Manual therapy treatments include stretching therapies and a wide range of manual techniques to get you back to training for your next race!

Our diverse team of specialists is prepared to help you get the best post-race recovery possible!

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