5 Things You May Not Know About Spinning

5 Things You May Not Know About Spinning

Just about every year or so, there seems to be a new exercise causing a stir in the world of fitness. While some come and go, others stick around for the long term. Spinning, is one of the ones that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for quite some time. 

Spinning classes, or indoor cycling, are nothing new. They started in the nineties and have made a resurgence. With the appearance of new Soul Cycle locations popping up all around us, and local gyms offering spin classes, they have to be good for you…right? We’ve compiled 5 reasons why spinning is a good exercise, and then we’ll let you make the decision on your own!

1. It’s a Low Impact Exercise

Completely the opposite of weight lifting, spinning is an exercise done on a stationary bike. It’s a low intensity exercise that does not involve heavy lifting or added weight on the knees. Your joints will thank you if you opt for a spin class versus cross training.

2. It Burns Crazy Calories

One spin session can burn between 300-800 calories, depending on the intensity of the class. One thing is for sure, you will not finish a spin session without some sweat beads on your forehead.

3. It’s a Mindful Exercise

While you can do a spin class from the comfort of your own home, the big draw to it is not only the amazing fitness benefits, but also the community. It’s rare to find an empty spin class in the city, and even more rare to find one that’s dull and quiet. Spin classes are known as a “friend-exercise”, in the sense that it is a great opportunity to take friends, or meet people at. The pumping music is set to get your energy going, and takes your mind off the rest of your day. 

4. You Can Spin At Any Level

From newbie spinner, to professional spinner, there are varying classes of different levels. While some prefer the more leisurely spin session, others prefer to fly! The faster you go, and the higher the intensity, the more calories you burn, and the more you build up your muscles. 

5. It Doesn’t Require Much Skill

Spinning is a great option for people who need to squeeze some exercise in their busy lives, but don’t necessarily jump for joy at the thought of going to the gym. People with arthritis and conditions that make it hard to do high intensity workouts, can really benefit from a low impact session of indoor cycling.