Acupuncture, An Alternative Back Pain Treatment

Acupuncture, An Alternative Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a growing epidemic in the United States, and one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor’s office. Often times, physicians and patients turn to prescription medication for a quick-fix solution to ease back pain, but there are several other alternative treatments available to patients that can significantly decrease discomfort for back pain sufferers, one of which is Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an effective, alternative treatment to debilitating back surgery and painkillers. Many people who experience back pain, opt to go to an orthopedic surgeon, not understanding that there are various other doctors who specialize in the conservative and integrative approach to treating back pain without the need for surgery. Others may rely on over the counter painkillers which take a toll on your body, or worse, prescription medication. Eventually if you take painkillers for a long period of time, your body will build up a tolerance and you will subsequently have to increase your dosage, which is never optimal. Acupuncture, on the other hand, has little to no side effects, and has been proven study after study to drastically reduce pain for back pain sufferers, as well as various other pain conditions.

Acupuncture is a treatment that helps the body heal itself, naturally. While the results of an acupuncture session for back pain might not yield complete back pain relief immediately, after a few sessions patients usually can feel a big difference. Many patients do experience some back pain relief just after one session, but everyone is different. The effects of Acupuncture are cumulative, which means that the benefits of treatment continue to grow after each session.

Acupuncture is such a safe alternative treatment, that even many pregnant women opt for it. Of course, you must check with your physician to be sure it is a safe alternative for you.

At Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, we offer Acupuncture in our Brooklyn location by appointment only. Acupuncture, in addition to other back pain treatments such as Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy, can help you avoid unwanted side effects from more invasive treatments. Contact us at 347-560-6920 to see if you are a good candidate for Acupuncture.