5 Ways To Really Achieve Your Goal This New Year

5 Ways To Really Achieve Your Goal This New Year

With the new year approaching I am sure you have already seen a handful of articles about committing to New Year’s resolutions and how to become a “new you”. But is becoming a “new you” actually a resolution you should strive to have? We don’t think so.

In preparation for 2017, we’d like to think of resolutions and goals as tools to help you become a better you, not a whole new you. Having a healthy mindset and realistic goals are key parts of becoming a healthier you who is setting yourself up for success, rather than unrealistic goals that might do the opposite. 

The most common New Year’s Resolutions include weight loss goals and fitness goals. These are great goals to have to get yourself into a healthier physical and mental state and we’d like to offer you tips on how to strive towards keeping your goals.

  1. Set realistic goals. A good starting point for a healthy and attainable resolution is to set a goal that is realistic for you and your lifestyle. Striving to be perfect is admirable, but likely a setup for disappointment. 
  2. List the steps you need to take. Make a list of all the things you need to do to attain your goal. Map out what your plans are to achieve this goal and set it up on your phone or put it up on your fridge. Daily reminders of what you need to do to stay on track are always helpful.
  3. Give yourself multiple goals. If weight loss, for example, is a resolution you are making, don’t just set an ultimate goal, set up multiple goals for yourself. Taking it step by step and recognizing your success every step of the way is the healthiest way to reach your ultimate goal.
  4. Don’t do everything alone. Utilize the resources you have around you and meet with people who can help you reach your goals. If running a marathon, for example, after injuring your knee is a goal of yours, don’t try to do everything on your own. Meet with an experienced physical therapist in your neighborhood who can guide you in performing the right exercises to help you heal and to help you in preparation for your marathon.
  5. Reward yourself. Progress is progress, it does not matter how big or how small. Rewarding yourself every step of the way is an important part of the process. Appreciate the time and energy you have put into achieving your goals. Understand that progress takes patience.

If you have fitness, weight loss, or healing goals for the coming year, we would love to help you. Contact us at Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, with locations in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Manhattan, at 347-560-6920 and ask us how we can help you!