The Best Way To Recover From An Ankle Sprain

The Best Way To Recover From An Ankle Sprain

While you don’t have to be a trained athlete to sprain your ankle, ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries. Fortunately, a sprained ankle can be treated conservatively with physical therapy and patients almost always reach a full recovery.

You may have experienced a sprained ankle before just by stepping the wrong way while crossing the street – but what exactly is a sprained ankle? The ankle is made up of ligaments and tendon that support the ankle joint. When these ligaments are stretched due to a sudden movement or extreme pressure, the ligaments can be strained or even torn. The symptoms of an ankle sprain include ankle pain, swelling, tenderness, difficulty walking without pain and sometimes bruising.

Most ankle sprains are mild or moderate in severity and can be treated without the need for surgery. The first course of treatment is to just rest the ankle for very mild sprains. For ankle sprains that are a bit more painful, or make it more difficult to get around, meeting with a physical therapist is the best course of action to avoid further injury and to relieve pain and swelling.

Physical therapy for an ankle sprain may involve massage, joint mobilization and stretching to increase range of motion and prevent the joint from getting too stiff. A physical therapist may also work with you to strengthen the muscles of the leg using resistance bands or similar treatments.

It is always best to work with a physical therapist to learn the most appropriate exercises for your specific injury. Over exercising, or doing the wrong rehabilitative exercises can cause the injury to worsen. In this case, a mild ankle sprain can easily become debilitating if not taken seriously or if you prolong waiting to see a physical therapist. For more information on ankle sprains, or to set up an appointment, call Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness at 347-560-6920.