Exercising With Flat Feet

Exercising With Flat Feet

Living with flat feet can be painful and cause numerous orthopedic issues if you do not take measures to avoid them, including knee pain and back pain. There are many different degrees of flat feet, some feet being more flat than others. People with very low arches, or flat feet, compared to those with higher arches tend to experience foot pain, arch pain, ankle pain and knee pain making it more difficult to exercise and participate in an active lifestyle.

For some people with lower-than-normal arches, foot pain is not an issue. If you aren’t experiencing any pain there is no need for treatment. For many others with low arches, foot pain is a major concern. Fortunately, there is non-surgical treatment available for pain associated with flat feet. For some patients, manual therapies such as Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy can be beneficial in alleviating foot pain.

There are exercises specifically aimed at strengthening the muscles in the foot and the arch of the foot. A common flat foot exercise is the ball roll. A ball, often a tennis ball, is placed under your foot and rolled back and forth from the heel to the tip of your toes. This exercise helps stretches the arch.  Other flat foot exercises included in physical therapy include toe raises and exercises to correct poor posture associated with flat feet.

Exercise can be especially difficult on people with flat feet and can exacerbate foot pain in people who do not normally experience it. Physical therapy and manual therapies are available to help relieve foot pain and strengthen your feet so you can successfully continue with your exercise plan.

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