Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NYC

We’re prepared to get you better

At Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we offer highly individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs created to help you heal and reach your goals. With our experienced and trained Physical Therapist and private physical therapy sessions, we are fully prepared to get you better.

Our office offers a full range of physical therapy services with techniques to treat orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, work-related accidents and many other conditions. Your treatment plan will consist of customized exercises and manual therapies based on a thorough initial consultation.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is an effective, non-invasive form of rehabilitation. Our highly trained physical therapist will work with you to help

  • heal injury
  • decrease inflammation
  • decrease pain
  • improve mobility
  • avoid surgical intervention
  • avoid prescription medication

Our Physical Therapy Plans Include:

  • Hands on manual therapy techniques

  • Individualized exercises for strengthening, stretch and balance

  • Post-surgical, Sports injury and Repetitive strain injury

  • Patient education to help you learn how to promote healing on your own and prevent re-injury

  • Multiple modalities including electrical stimulation, mechanical compression, heat therapy, cryotherapy and ultrasound


personalized exercises


Speedy recovery


patient education