Are Office Injuries More of A Risk Than You Think?

Are Office Injuries More of A Risk Than You Think?

It is a fact that work injuries account for a large percentage of all reported injuries. When you think of a work injury, more often than not you think of a construction worker at a job site or an employee operating heavy machinery. But how often do you attribute the term “work injury” to someone who works in an office? While it is true that construction workers are at a higher risk of injury than others, we often fail to see that office workers are at risk for injuries as well.

One of the top injuries reported by office workers is back or neck pain. While sitting at a desk, behind a computer all day may seem luxurious to some, to others it is a pain in the neck, literally. Remaining in a seated position for a long period of time causes not only back pain and neck pain but also strains, herniated discs, sciatica and other spinal conditions. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are becoming more popular and available to employees, but you have to speak up. If back pain or neck pain is something that plagues you as an employee, speak to your employer or HR personnel about what resources they have available for you.

Another common cause of injury reported by office workers are falls. Working in an office usually means working with numerous other individuals on the same floor. Common causes of slips and falls in the office are exposed wires, spills, uneven rugs, wet floors due to weather and wet floors due to cleaning. The best way to avoid a slip or a fall is to be aware and watch where you are walking.

Repetitive motion injuries are also very common in offices. Workers who are on the computer for the majority of the day not only build up neck and back pain, but can also injure the joints in their hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are extremely common in workers who are frequently typing. The repetitive motion of your fingers and wrists, as well as the locked position lead to injuries in the wrist and fingers.

While working in an office may have its pros, there are also things to be aware of to ensure you do not become the victim of an office injury. If you do happen to have an office injury, physical therapy is often the first line of defense for treatment. Dr. Marcello Sarrica at Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness can help you diagnose your injury and treat it with one-on-one manual therapy. For more information call 347-560-6920 or click here.