Why Seeing A Physical Therapist Is Easier Than You Think

As New Yorkers, we have an advantage in healthcare that many of us are unaware of. The American Physical Therapy Association passed a law allowing residents of the state of New York to receive a physical therapy evaluation and treatment without needing the referral of another doctor. This law, called Direct Access, gives us New Yorkers in a sense a “fast pass” to receiving the care we need, when we need it, allowing for a speedier recovery with less healthcare bureaucracy.

Direct Access and Your Care

Direct Access allows you to receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist directly. As the patient, it is your right to choose the licensed physical therapist you would like to work with. It is advised to call your insurance carrier to ensure the provider you choose works with your benefits.

The Direct Access Law allows you 10 visits with your physical therapist, or 30 days, whichever comes first. Not only does this law allow you faster access to care, but also saves money, time and prevents over utilization of imaging studies in most cases.

What Can A Licensed Physical Therapist Do For Me?

Physical therapists treat many forms of pain, injury, disease and mobility issues utilizing manual approaches and physical exercise. Physical therapy has proven to help patients reduce pain, increase mobility and decrease recovery time. Physical therapy can also be used as an alternative for patients who wish to avoid surgery.

At Sarrica Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapist treats numerous conditions including:

·     Achilles tendon injuries
·     Bursitis
·    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·    Disc Herniations
·    Hip Pain
·    Neck Pain
·    Back Pain
·    Plantar Fasciitis
·    Stroke recovery
·    Scoliosis

To see a full list of conditions treated click here.

How Do I Begin With Direct Access?

If you are in need of treatment with a physical therapist or an evaluation for an orthopedic condition, you can begin today. As long as your insurance coverage is active, you can choose the licensed physical therapist of your choice and request a consultation.

Dr. Marcello Sarrica treats patients in both Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY and is currently accepting new patients. For locations and information, contact Sarrica Physical Therapy here.