Sarrica Physical Therapy's Patient Reviews

"I've seen remarkable improvements with my lower back issues since beginning treatment at Sarrica Physical Therapy in August 2016. Marcella, Anthony and Paul are exceptional, and provide world class service at every visit. Thanks to them I was able to run my first 5k this past weekend. I am so grateful for their continued commitment to my recovery."
-Melissa G. Google+

"Sarrica Physical Therapy gave my daughter her life back!
After bilateral hip surgeries at 17 yrs old, she was having terrible pain with bursitis and tendinitis in her repaired left hip.
We arrived at Sarrica PT in pain & afraid- afraid of more surgery if this didn't resolve.
Dr. Marcello comforted us with his promise to do everything to have my daughter well again without surgery!
Well, 3 months later my daughter traveled through Italy and rode Jet-Skis in the Carribean PAIN FREE!!!
Dr Marcello gave her the tools she needed to manage her own recovery outside the PT treatments!
PT coupled with Jody's acupuncture gave my daughter her active LIFE back!
The care we received at Sarrica Physical Therapy is unmatched!
Dr Marcello spent every session with my daughter- working side by side with her- every minute. It is PERSONAL and HANDS ON treatment!
The office staff are knowledgable and efficient. There is no long wait time for your appointments. Pleasant and courteous care just puts Sarrica Physical Therapy over the top!
Five stars are not enough! They are a 10 out of 10!"
-Maeve M. Google+

"I cannot say enough positive things about Marcello and Sarrica Physical Therapy. I went to Marcello this past summer after weeks of therapy at an office recommended by my surgeon. That therapist had “cranked” my knee, and I lost a great deal of range in bending the knee after weeks of hard work. I went from a bend of 60 degrees to a bend of 25 degrees. I was told I might need a second procedure to manipulate the knee and get it to bend. I did not want to risk further damage to my knee by a second procedure. I was emotionally and physically at an all-time low.
Then I was fortunate enough to find Marcello’s website. I was impressed by the one on one care offered and the family feeling of the site. And upon speaking with Marcello, I immediately felt calmer. He was very knowledgeable, and focused. He did not promise me anything, rather stated our goal of avoiding more surgery, and suggested we take it one day at a time and work hard. As my visits continued, I knew I was going to get better. I did in fact avoid the second procedure and my knee is currently bending at 132 degrees.

Marcello and his staff are beyond professional and dedicated. They are caring, compassionate, and reassuring, which is exactly what you need when you are pushing through painful therapy. I was given specific home exercises with videos in case I forgot the exact moves. I was also given equipment to use at home, so I could get progress both in and outside of therapy. Once I returned to work, his office accommodated me with late and/or Saturday appointments so I would not regress in my recovery.
I hope I never need physical therapy again, but if I do, I know exactly where I will be going.

I am eternally indebted to Sarrica Physical Therapy and I could not recommend any office more."
-Rose G. Google+

"I have seen many PT's over the years and Dr. Marcello is amazing.  Without a doubt, he is one of the best physical therapists in all of NYC.  Not only is he personable, kind, and immediately makes you feel comfortable, he's incredibly knowledgable about the body, injuries, and post injury recovery. He is highly skilled in manual therapy work, which (in my opinion) is a critical part of therapy.  It is rare you find a physical therapist that spends the FULL hour with you, but Marcello does. 

As a dancer and athlete, I tend to have injuries or pain often, and since seeing Dr. Marcello, I am learning proper body mechanics to perform exercises more effectively without injury. 

The office is really nice and both receptionists are super friendly and helpful. He also incorporates massage therapy and Acupuncture (when necessary) into treatments. You can book full sessions of either to quicken recovery time. If you have pain, are suffering from an injury, or want to improve your sports performance, I would highly recommend Dr. Marcello"
-Kara L. Yelp

"I found out about Dr Marcello from my mom because of certain problems I was having with my left shoulder so I decided to give him a try and I am so glad I did, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made with in only the three times I've went to Marcello for therapy immediately my  shoulder has gotten so much better. He is on point and always keep up with the exercises he shows you meet him half way don't expect him to just snap his fingers and you're healed put your effort in also so you can recover from whatever the problem is. He's knowledgeable, and knows what he is doing I'd say one of the best physical therapist in all of new York.

-Quinn M. Yelp

"This place is so great!!! I suffered for a year from back injury and severe nerve pain in my leg! I was very close to getting a surgery! All I can say is that after first treatment with Marcello I felt so much better and it has been better and better ever since. I feel like I finally have my life back! Marcello is a great therapist and you can definitely trust him, he knows what he is doing! Antony is also great, and him and Marcello make a great team! The rest of the staff is always kind and helpful!"
-Kal W. Yelp

"I came into see Marcello in very bad shape with a herniated disc barely able to move. He's very knowledgable and had me feeling 100 % better within weeks. I would highly recommend him. He takes his time with his patients and is very hands on. He even took time out of his schedule to call and check in on me which i really appreciated."
-Frank P. Yelp

"Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness  gets five stars !  I walked into the office 3 weeks ago with horrible  neck pain . Marcello loves his profession and truly cares about his patients  . I am now pain free , thanks to his magical hands and  the  exercise  routine he set up for me now . I am aware of my posture and what i need to do to prevent pain in the future . THANKS Marcello you are truly the  BEST !"
-Arabelle T. Yelp

"I first met Marcello at a PT office and was extremely impressed with his educational background, his knowledge, his practical skills and his dedication. Three years later, I had shoulder surgery and knew I needed Marcello to help me recover. Marcello had, at this time, established his own practice and, while my insurance did not allow me to use out of network providers, I felt it was worth it to pay out of pocket for Marcello's superior skills, as I needed to get back to work as quickly as possible. I was not disappointed. A session with Marcello is 45 full minutes of one-on-one attention, and, with his help, my shoulder improved dramatically. I now plan to enlist Marcello's skills as a personal trainer to get me in shape for the summer. I cannot wait!"
-Denise B. Google+

"I came to Dr. Marcello Sarrica for my neck pain due to my occupation. I teach art to high school, college students, so after constant heavy lifting, carving, sculpting, and painting, it took a toll on my neck. But after 7 times of visiting, I already feel better and relieved. He is very sufficient, kind, capable, and knowledgeable in his field. I have great confidence in him, and I highly recommend Marcello to others."
-Sr. Cecilia T. Google+

"My name is Fernanda Friedrich and l would like to personally thank Dr. Marcello Sarrica, my physical therapist. I have been suffering with lower back pain for many years and I was frustrated by never finding a solution. I have tried injections, anti- inflammatory and many other physical therapists, but nothing worked. I would have a temporary relief, usually around few hours or, if I was lucky, one day. I was finally recommended by my family physician to Dr. Sarrica, and my back has improved drastically ever since.        
When I started working with Dr. Sarrica, I noticed immediate improvement. I began to walk normally again and I was able to cope with my every day chores in a much better manner. Mid- way through treatment for my back, I developed issues with my shoulders, which Dr. Sarrica helped me to fix within few sessions. 
It is quite clear that Dr. Sarrica is an excellent Doctor in his field, but he is an even better person. He works with me one on one giving me his undivided attention for the full hour that I am booked for. He also has a great positive attitude which gives me and other patient’s encouragement and hope especially when these injuries can often be disheartening.  I highly recommend Dr. Sarrica and I am thankful for the great results that speaks for themselves.

"Had a baseball related injury that required surgery on my elbow and after the recovery process I had to find the right physical therapist. My friend highly recommended Sarrica Physical Therapy to me and it is also very close to my home. Marcello is highly knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. He made the whole rehab process very simple and had me back to full strength in no time at all. I highly recommend Sarrica Physical Therapy to anyone who needs a physical therapy practice that will get you back on the right track during your recovery process. Marcello got me back on the field and doing what I love. I am very grateful that I had him helping and supporting me every step of the way." 
-Charles S. Google+

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Marcello...he gave me my life back! For nearly 10 years I suffered terrible cervical and upper back pain after a bad horseback riding accident. Over the years I saw many doctors and PT's but had very little improvement, if any. I found Marcello in 2013 and he truly gave me back my life!! With intense PT coupled with home exercises I finally walk around with zero pain!!"

-Tarren F. Google+

"Having been a runner for most of my adult life, I have met a number of physical therapists, and Marcello is at the top of that list. When I came to Marcello, I couldn't walk across the room without pain due to spinal stenosis in the lumbar region, which was causing compression to my nerve. Thanks to Marcello's talents and knowledge, I am now running again. He is a caring, intelligent physical therapist who I recommend wholeheartedly."
-Harvey F. Yelp

"I'm a physical therapist and when I have an injury or pain, I turn to Marcello. There is no other therapist I would go to. More recently, I had neck pain and saw Marcello for 4 sessions. After the first session, I was 50% better already. Aside from his knowledge and his excellent ability to differentiate a diagnosis, he is also extremely gentle yet very effective. He makes you feel comfortable and is sure to explain the treatment along the way. A true expert in this field. This therapist is highly recommended!"
-Zee D. Yelp

"I recommend Marcello enthusiastically. He has developed an exercise and strengthening program which has helped to counter the wear and tear on an 88 year old body, and has done so with caution, care and compassion I have worked with him at his office and in my co-op gym and appreciate that he not only writes the exercises but photographs them as well. Perhaps the best compliment was paid to him after he left the gym one day, when a therapist working with another person came up to me and told me that he had observed Marcello working with me and that Marcello was outstanding."
-Gerald K. Google+

 "I have seen Marcello a number of times for tendonitis in my left foot. This was also affecting and my ability to walk normally. Marcello has worked on my leg and given me a comprehensive program for strengthening my feet and my legs. My condition is much improved, and I am 90% pain free. Marcello is great at making one feel comfortable, confident and at ease under his care. His Manhattan office is centrally located, close to the subway and very convenient. I heartily recommend Marcello to anyone seeking a physical therapist."
-Anna V. Google+

"About two and a half years after my lumbar spine fusion (L2, l3, L4) surgery I started getting severe pain, numbness and restricted movement. I received twice weekly treatment from Dr. Sarrica and within a couple of weeks the symptoms started subsiding. I continued with a combination of physical therapy and personal training specifically designed to strengthen my core, lessen flair-ups and speed up recovery when flair-ups occur. 6 months later I am more fit than I have been in 20 years. The combination of physical therapy and personal training gave me my life back. At 60 years old I do believe 60 is the new 30. Thank you Marcello!"
-Larry P. Google+