Why You Have Tight Hamstrings

Whether you are competing in athletic competitions or walking to and from the subway every day to work, you most likely have at least one point in your life experienced tight hamstrings. Tight hamstrings are not a fun thing to experience, at times it can feel like a cramp in your leg, and those who experience frequent hamstring tightness can definitely attest to it’s discomfort. While stretching often helps, there are other things you can do, and things you can be aware of to avoid or correct hamstring tightness.

Hamstring tightness can actually be attributed to weak muscles in your glutes. The hamstring is connected to the glutes, and with weakened muscles your hip movements can be affected. Strengthening of the glutes is helpful in alleviating hamstring tension.

Another cause of hamstring tension is your posture. How so, you may ask? Poor posture affects your lower back and hips, which can put pressure on the hamstrings, eventually weakening them or over-stretching. Evaluating your posture may be the key to alleviating your hamstring tightness.

What is one thing that most adults do too much, believe it or not? Sit. By sitting for prolonged periods of time you can cause your body several different physical ailments, but hamstring tightness is one of them. It is extremely important, especially in those who are sitting most of the day during work, to get up and take a walk and do some stretches.

An obvious cause of hamstring pain is a hamstring injury. Hamstring injuries are common in athletes, but can also affect the not-so-athletic adult as well! If you experience hamstring pain that does not go away it is a good idea to check with your local physical therapist and evaluate what the issue may be.

There are several exercises and manual treatments that can help alleviate hamstring tightness and hamstring pain, to help you get back to living a pain-free life. For physical therapists in Brooklyn or Manhattan contact Sarrica PT at 347-560-6920.