How To Avoid Back Surgery


Spine surgery and operations for lower back pain and sciatica are on the rise. For serious spinal conditions, at times spinal surgery is the best option. But for many of the other instances of back pain, surgery can be avoided.

Spinal surgery comes with a slew of downsides, including the chance that the surgery may not work or may only provide temporary relief, extensive recovery and healing times, movement limitation and more back pain.

There are effective ways of avoiding back surgery to provide relief and faster healing. Physical therapy is one such treatment. Physical therapy under the care of a professional helps target specific problem areas to reduce your pain and improve your function.  Physical Therapist provide manual therapy, corrective exercise and stretching to targeted areas to promote healing and muscle development. Exercise also promotes blood flow, delivering the necessary rush of blood to the problem area to help decrease healing times and effectiveness.

Common causes of back pain such as sciatica and herniated discs can be treated with physical therapy, avoiding surgery altogether. In addition to physical therapy, there are multiple manual techniques such as massage therapy and acupuncture that can be used in combination with physical therapy to aid healing and promote pain relief.

At Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness our doctors are highly experienced in helping patients avoid back surgery for back pain, instead treating back pain sufferers with conservative care to yield better results.  Our goal is also to reduce your pain medication intake. If you have been told you need back surgery and are looking for another option, give us a call at 347-560-6920 to see if you can avoid going under the knife.