Ways To Improve Balance & Prevent Falls

Ways To Improve Balance & Prevent Falls

Issues with balance cause difficulties with standing and walking and put those affected at a higher risk of falling. Older adults especially are at a higher risk to have these types of issues that can lead to a fall. “According to the CDC, more than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States and 20% to 30% of people who fall suffer moderate to severe injuries. Physical therapists can help in risk reduction and prevention of falls.” Your physical therapist can help you develop a personalized treatment plan to improve strength, and  promote stability and mobility.

Balance problems can be caused by various factors, but most commonly include:

  • weakness of the muscles
  • stiffness of the joints
  • vertigo
  • inner ear conditions
  • medications
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s

People with balance issues often have a hard time standing or walking upright and can make it difficult to lead an independent life. Fortunately, physical therapists can help alleviate symptoms and provide treatments to improve balance.

Strength improvement is a focus for such conditions. A physical therapist will offer exercises related to muscles weakness and toning of the muscles. Core muscles are often targeted, as well as the joints. Exercises will be provided to target joint stiffness and improve mobility. Manual therapies and exercises can also help alleviate stress and tension of the muscles to improve flexibility and help patients maintain an upright posture, decreasing the risk of a damaging fall.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a form of therapy used by physical therapists to help improve symptoms related to inner ear and balance disorders that cause vertigo. Vestibular rehabilitation is specifically designed for each patient with targeted exercises to reduce vertigo and dizziness, instability, balance and falls. Each patient is different, so it is important to meet with a physical therapist who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and can provide a comprehensive examination beforehand.

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