Why National Physical Therapy Month Matters

Why National Physical Therapy Month Matters

October is National Physical Therapy Month, which helps raise awareness for the effectiveness of Physical Therapy in the treatment of an ever-growing list of conditions and symptoms. While it continues to advance in the world of medicine, it is still a somewhat neglected form of medical treatment that many providers overlook. 

With countless tragedies associated with the growing opioid epidemic, Physical Therapy is a treatment that we need to raise awareness for, not just during the month of October, but every day. Raising awareness can help limit the amount of opioid prescriptions being filled, and shed light on safe and effective alternative treatment methods widely available. We've listed some of the top reasons why Physical Therapy might be the best medical option for you.

1. Physical Therapy is an effective treatment method to reduce pain and speed up healing. Therapeutic exercises and manual therapies help patients reduce pain, increase mobility, and get back to normal functioning after surgery or after an injury.

2. Many surgeries can be avoided when first undergoing a round of Physical Therapy treatment sessions. Often times, people do not realize that surgery is not the only option. A regimented treatment of Physical Therapy can help promote healing and recovery without undergoing an invasive surgery.

3. Athletes and sports enthusiasts can avoid sports injuries with physical therapy. While physical therapy is often a treatment after an injury occurs, it is just as effective, if not more effective, when used as a preventative measure. For runners and other athletes, teaming up with a local physical therapist can help ensure natural optimal performance, and avoid any injuries that can have you "out of the game".

4. Physical therapy is not just a treatment for avid sports players, but is also a treatment for a never-ending list of medical conditions that affect everyone. From stroke recovery, to managing diabetes, most Physical Therapists have the ability to help treat and help balance the health of their patients afflicted with such conditions. Some conditions treated include; breast cancer, gastrointestinal conditions, arthritis and lung conditions.

If you or someone you know may benefit from Physical Therapy and are in the Brooklyn or Manhattan area, we urge you to explore your options and schedule an appointment with us at Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness Center.