Frida R.

After knee surgery my doctor recommended Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness. I am so glad he did! Marcello is a true professional. He is extremely patient, informative and motivated me to keep going. He gave me all the tools on how to continue my work out at home and as a daily walker I was dedicated to getting back to my routine. He made it easy and although painful at times he was right. I began to get my mobility back and as of now I am doing great. From not being able to bend my knee, walk up and down stairs etc. I am back to walking every day!!! I would certainly recommend him without a doubt as one of the best!

On a final note and very important, is that he schedules appointments accordingly and you are seen on time which is a great plus for this office. His staff, Arlene and Anthony who I can say are very dedicated made my visits enjoyable and pleasant. I intend to recommend Marcello and have also informed my surgeon to do so.