Frida R.

After knee surgery my doctor recommended Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness. I am so glad he did! Marcello is a true professional. He is extremely patient, informative and motivated me to keep going. He gave me all the tools on how to continue my work out at home and as a daily walker I was dedicated to getting back to my routine. He made it easy and although painful at times he was right. I began to get my mobility back and as of now I am doing great. From not being able to bend my knee, walk up and down stairs etc. I am back to walking every day!!! I would certainly recommend him without a doubt as one of the best!

On a final note and very important, is that he schedules appointments accordingly and you are seen on time which is a great plus for this office. His staff, Arlene and Anthony who I can say are very dedicated made my visits enjoyable and pleasant. I intend to recommend Marcello and have also informed my surgeon to do so.

Pamela B.

Sarrica PT is the gold standard of physical therapy! A former patient of Dr. Sarrica from 2010, I drove from Boston to receive a tailored treatment plan from his team in the Bay Ridge office and couldn't be more pleased with my results. 1.5 hrs of work including a one-one-one with Dr. Sarrica and medical massage by Anthony Giannone. After my session, I was back on the road and when I got home had an email with a PT instructional video to continue the good work of Sarrica PT! I have already made my next appointment and will be doing the 220+ mile drive again. Thank you Dr. Sarrica and Anthony.

Veronika F.

The care received at Sarrica Physical Therapy was hands-down the best practitioner care I've ever received.

In his approach, Marcello Sarrica was very informative and educational, providing beneficial knowledge about my recurring injury. His techniques were also effective, providing immediate relief. Upon his recommendation, Anthony provided a targeted massage and Jodi performed acupuncture. After my office visit, my body was noticeably receptive to the care provided, as my pain levels decreased and my mobility increased. Among the team of three, they provided a very well-rounded visit.

I was impressed by Marcello and his caring, personable and professional team. I would highly recommend their care and practice.

Catherine L.

It’s difficult to find a physical therapy place that is able to really focus on the patient secondary to the facility having to see a few patients in the hour. At Sarrica Physical Therapy and Wellness it’s different. They see you and you alone for an entire 45 minutes!! But it’s not only that. The physical therapy itself met all of my expectations. Paul, my Therapist, listened to me and together we came up with a plan that was best suited for my condition. His manual skills were excellent and in the end he fixed my problem. You may be thinking, okay the therapy place is great but it’s in Bay Ridge and there is no parking!! Guess what, I found parking easily every time. I just put a few quarters in the meter and no worries!! I recommend this place for it’s hard work and dedication towards making people in the community feel better, one patient at a time.