Top 5 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

Top 5 Reasons Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

In honor of National Physical Therapy month this October, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the physical therapists who help improve the lives of millions of people every year and explain the importance of physical therapy.

Physical therapy, in case you aren’t aware, is a personalized treatment method to help prevent injury, recover from an injury and manage hundreds of medical conditions. All of this can be achieved in physical therapy without the need for surgery. There are thousands of reasons physical therapy can benefit your health, but we’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons to consider physical therapy here for you.

1. Reduce the need for surgery. Does anybody actually ever want surgery? Not typically – unless absolutely needed. But with physical therapy, often surgery can be avoided altogether. The combination of treatments in physical therapy, including manual therapies, electric stimulation and muscle toning, can greatly decrease the need for surgery. Why go under the knife if physical therapy resolves the issue?

2. Tackle pain. Along with avoiding surgery, physical therapy helps many patients combat pain conditions. The variety of therapies offered in a course of physical therapy can help get pain under control, and prevent it from resurfacing.

3. Help you move better. No matter the age, physical therapy can help increase mobility. From young patients with injuries to older patients with osteoarthritis, physical therapy helps to stretch and strengthen muscles and stabilize joints.

4. Speed up recovery. Physical Therapy can help speed up the recovery of an injury, a surgery, or even a stroke. In all of these cases, returning to living more independently is usually a goal. Physical therapy programs are individually designed to target your goals or your condition, which makes physical therapy so effective.

5. Help manage disease. In addition to all of the above benefits of physical therapy, it is also known to aid in the treatment of heart disease, lung disease, pre and post natal care, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence. Physical therapists specialize in helping strengthen the muscles in your body and can improve your life with strengthening and conditioning.

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