Biomechanical Video Running Analysis

What is a video running analysis?

A video running analysis is performed to break down your running mechanics, providing you with information that is pertinent to being an efficient runner. At Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness, we conduct video running analyses to assess your gait, offering you feedback to optimize your performance.

What are the benefits of completing a running analysis at Sarrica Physical Therapy & Wellness?

Any runner, from novice to elite, will benefit from a running analysis. Making these biomechanical adjustments will result in improved running times and will assist in reducing your risk of injury. We formulate a specific strength, flexibility, and running plan that will assist you in reaching your running goals.

What to expect on your visit for a running analysis?

A running analysis lasts 1 hour with our doctor of physical therapy. In this session, you will be: screened for muscle firing pattern and flexibility issues, recorded on our treadmill before and after our feedback, provided with exercises and stretches to help reinforce the adjustments made.

What’s next?

After a running analysis, it is important to maintain consistency with your physical therapist. Your therapist will design a running plan that is tailored to your needs, but it will be up to you to follow through with the home assignments in between sessions. Exercises and stretches will be progressed when you return for each follow up visit. You will regularly be recorded on our treadmill to re-assess your running biomechanics for comparison. We will alter/progress the running program together, as needed. With hard work and persistence, we hope to help you reach your personal goals!